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S&S Tyquin Bulk Haulage
Quality quarry products to Landscapers, Plumbing Contractors, Concreters and Civil Works since 1987.

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Tuscan Toppings 14mm

20mm blue metal
20mm blue metal
20mm blue metal
20mm blue metal

Landscape Products:




Bacchus Marsh Toppings:

7mm pebble, contains dust

Decorative white round pebble.

Used as decorative pebble in gardens and around pavers. 




White Washed Pebbles (Seymour):

7mm pebble, contains dust.

Decorative White/Grey multi coloured round pebble.

Used as a decorative pebble for pathways, driveways, garden beds and around pavers.




Seymour Toppings:

10mm minus, contains dust.

Decorative crushed multi-coloured river pebble .

Used for pathways




Split Red Gum




10mm Minus River Pebbles

20mm Tuscan Toppings (photo)

14mm Tuscan Toppings

Fine sand stone, red/brown colour

Driveway and path gravel

Compacts well, contains dust.

20mm Tuscan Agg (photo)

40mm Tuscan Agg

120mm Tuscan Agg

Decorative stone/pebble

Caramel Pebbles- 100mm (photo)

Also available in 40mm-60mm


Mushroom Mulch

Soil builder, keeps soil moist, breaks down dense clay, supplies nutrients and plant growth to veggie gardens, fruits, plants and herbs

Fine Pine Mulch

Suitable for any garden bed

Insulates soil


Hogged Bark

Natural refined mulch

Versatile mulch from large to small scale landscapes

Will turn grey over time

Pine Bark

Black- 20mm

Used to enhance foliage 

Wind and Foot tolerant 

Colour will hold for at least 12 months

Black- 12mm

Used to enhance foliage 

Colour will hold for at least 12 months


Plaster Sand

Crusher Dust

5mm or smaller

Easy to spread and scread